Our success,

our personnel

Without any doubt, the success of our company lies in our staff. Young, dynamic people with sufficient capacity and experience to solve the problems of our clients. Their constant training and interest in acquiring and handling new diving equipment increases considerably the performance in diving operations, making them also more economical.

Our human team develops its work in Sea Sub Services with the following resources:

  • Kirby Morgan” helmets, Exo and “Ocean Reef” masks with Kibry underwater communications.
  • “Fibron” Umbilicals between 50 and 200 meters long for surface supply diving
  • Autonomous diving equipments
  • Low pressure air compressors
  • High pressure air compressor
  • Current generators
  • Gas distribution panels
  • Filters for human breathing
  • Communication switchboards
  • Radiotelephones
  • Trailer with CCTV display system
  • CCTV systems with 200 meters of umbilical
  • A thickness measurement system
  • Thickness gauge
  • Autonomous filming systems
  • Digital underwater cameras
  • TV Screens
  • 300 m. of anti-pollution barrier with moorings
  • Underwater pneumatic drills for wall anchoring
  • Complete and autonomous underwater cutting and welding system
  • Refloating balloons between 500 Kg. and 5 MT
  • Mobile Hyperbaric Chamber with oxygen: Chamber, antechamber and airlock.
  • Two 7.50 meter “Valiant” inflatable boats with 200 HP Mercury engines and one with a 225 HP Yamaha engine.
  • A 5.20 meter “Valiant” inflatable boat with a Yamaha 50 HP engine.
  • A 10-meter Open Top fiberglass boat with 260 HP
  • 3 Vans and one Ford Ranger

At Sea Sub Service we want to highlight:


hyperbaric chamber

Mobile Hyperbaric Chamber approved with oxygen: Chamber, antechamber and lock.

In the event that work in a hyperbaric environment requires it, said chamber can be moved, that is, to carry out work that has a depth greater than 30 meters. Complying with the regulations issued in the BOE of 2018 in section III. Other Provisions, of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Security, nº 15047.