Business Coaching

Diving services and underwater inspections

We carry out maintenance in Thermal, Hydraulic and Nuclear Power Plants, in water treatment stations, power plants, paper mills, engineering… we also monitor works, take samples, inspections, ship inspections for Classification Societies, gap measurement propeller and rudder, thickness measurement, ship repairs, propeller polishing.

Sale, installation and maintenance of beacon and wave measurement buoys.

Inspections of submarine outfalls, inspections of works through underwater filming with digital support. We have CCTV filming systems with underwater communications.

Maritime damage commissioners.
Sea intake cleaning.

Plugging of waterways by welding or epoxy putty.

Services for marine oil terminals

At Sea Sub Services, we carry out inspections of marine oil terminals, CAL and SALM type, loading and unloading operations in the Terminal and in the tanker, changes of floating and underwater hoses, vacuum pressure and electrical continuity tests, readjustment of chains, thickness measurement in drilling chains and operations in submerged and afloat valves.

Maintenance of tunnel boring machines

We carry out inspections for the tuning of LOVAT, HERRENKNECHT and UTE SANTOÑA tunnel boring machines for interventions in a hyperbaric environment, we also take care of the maintenance of the cutter head up to 2.5 Kg/cm².

Organization of shifts to “full time”.

In our team we have a group of doctors specialized in hyperbaric medicine. In addition to having a transportable hyperbaric chamber.
  • Serrano Tunnel Ave. Madrid (2010)
  • Burial of the railway. Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain (2009)
  • Canada Line Project. Vancouver Canada (2007) Urban penetration tunnel of the high-speed railway line between Milano and Naples.
  • Bologna, Italy (2006)
  • Construction of the railway penetration tunnel in Gijón. Spain (2005)
  • UTE – Laredo, Santoña (2018)

We fight against marine pollution

Installation and collection of barriers, Skimmers and flexible tanks in the sea, ports, reservoirs and rivers.

Hydrocarbon spill crisis management.

Waste treatment management.

Floating collection in reservoirs and dams.

Technical advice on purchases.

Ship operations

SEA SUB SERVICES, has collaborated in 2012 with the development of the SHOAL Project, in Gijón waters. Hand in hand with the Port Authority, our company has carried out the installation of the underwater antennas that formed the field of action of the robot fish, up to a depth of -30 meters. Entrances and exits of the fish to the water, monitoring, filming and maintenance were carried out.

From our company, European engineers carried out the necessary tests to fine-tune the Robot Fish, after three years of work, known as the SHOAL project (from English, bank, swarm, group).

SEA SUB SERVICES has created a sister company for the manufacture, marketing and maintenance of these robotic fish with the intention of reducing costs for customers (up to 50%) in the instantaneous analysis of their waters, and at the same time providing an assistance service. .

It is therefore a question of introducing the robot fish in the European market, teaching its operation “in situ” to the client, demonstrating its operability as the SHOAL project has done, and explaining the economic savings of having the contamination of its waters controlled. (and certified) with this new Robot Fish.

SEA SUB SERVICES, has carried out inspections and repairs to ships

+ See operations to ships

Technological innovation/ R.O.V.

ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) are vehicles that are controlled by an operator who is not on the vehicle. Through the cable, the data from the ROV’s cameras, the data from the sensors and the sonars are also transmitted to the control center of the surface ship.

ROVS can carry a wide variety of manipulator arms to carry out work in the depths, or simply a camera to capture images of the seabed.

SeaSubServices/ Submarine Techniques is committed to innovation and technology and therefore has an ROV service (we have 3):

  • Working depth 76 m (250 feet)
  • Dimensions 35 cm (13 ¾ inches)
  • length 22.2 cm (8-¾ inches)
  • width 21.6 cm (8-½ inches)
  • height 3.6 kg (8 lbs.)
  • Hull material anodized aluminum (marine grade)
  • Input voltage 100/240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
  • Umbilical supply voltage 48
  • Volts DC
  • 2 lighting sources 20 Watts (1 port, 1 starboard)
  • Umbilical 40 m Neutral buoyancy
  • Buoyant Minimum bend diameter = approximately 8 cm (3 inches)
  • Integrated controller and control source in Pelican case
  • LCD screen
ROV dimensions
Length 430mm
Width 350mm
Height 300mm
Length with manipulator arm 500 mm
ROV Approximate weight in air 12 kg
Working depth up to 300 m

• 2 vertical thrusters (1.5 kg each)
• 4 horizontal thrusters (1.5 kg each)
• 1 side thruster (1.5kg)

Propellers and propeller guard 60 mm diameter
Speed ​​0-2m/sec or 0-3.89 Knot
Operating temperature range 0°- 30° C
Umbilical length 300 m (up to 1200 m on request)
diameter 8mm
Neutral buoyancy umbilical
Operating water temperature 0°- 30° C
Voltage 220-240VAC 50Hz
Umbilical voltage more than 450 VDC
Power consumption excluding accessories 500 Watts
Helmet made of a mix of practical materials
Front light sources 4* ~ 700-Lumen LED each (10Wats)
Depth control
Heading control system
Depth sensing
Heading sensor

• Color Color Camera
• Full HD Resolution Camera
• Camera Sensitivity 0.3 lux
• Wide angle lenses
• Camera with manually adjustable focus
• 180° tilt camera
• Rear camera with 180º tilt
Video Standard PAL

  • Nominal depth 100 m, 85 m operational
  • Maximum speed 1.70m/s maximum power 500w
  • Main measurements 640x410x260 mm
  • Total weight bleeper 10kg
  • Umbilical weight 50 m 7 Kg., 100 m 18 Kg.
  • 3D motorization forward/backward, left/right, up/down
  • Maximum power supply 32 VDC, 2 batteries x 12V 44Ah
  • Umbilical pull 200 Kg
  • Chassis Watertight tubular structure in anodized aluminum
  • 50 or 100m umbilical cable, positive or negative neutral buoyancy
  • Working temperature -20º to 50º


  • Main measurements 640x410x260 mm
  • Total weight bleeper 10kg
  • Umbilical weight 50 m 7 Kg., 100 m 18 Kg.