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Established in 1984 and with the experience gained over the years, Sea Sub Services has developed different types of underwater works. The prestige acquired by our company is based on the accomplishment of quality works thanks to a group of properly trained divers who have enthusiasm and desire to work.

This has been recognized by AENOR in 2004 by granting us the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate, as well as by the most famous classification societies in the world.

If we add to this the recent construction of a two-storey building in the port of Gijon for offices and warehouse, as well as the implementation of new technologies both on land and underwater and the willingness to be in 24 hours anywhere in the world, we realize that we have before us a modern, agile and with great capacity to perform, in a safe and secure manner, the various operations of professional diving.

For these reasons, many customers have placed their trust in our company and for a long time we have been renewing our maintenance contracts year after year.

The management of TÉCNICAS SUBMARINAS S.L. has implemented an Integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety Management System based on the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO 45001 that allows us to improve, to fulfill our objectives, as well as to develop a high environmental responsibility and commitment to sustainability, with the ultimate goal of improving the service that the company provides to all its customers.

To this end, we focus our actions on:

  • Promote continuous improvement, with the aim of increasing the quality perceived by all our stakeholders, improve environmental management and the protection of the health and safety of people.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of application, in addition to meeting the requirements of the customer and end user of our products.
  • Commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention and other specific commitments in the sustainable use of resources relevant to the context of the organization.
  • Commitment to the prevention of harm and deterioration of health, and to the continuous improvement of OSH management and OSH performance.
  • To make available all the resources it deems necessary for the strengthening of these bases and the achievement of our quality, sustainability and Health and Safety objectives.
  • Establish control and monitoring of all our processes, with special emphasis on the quality and safety of our services, customer service and satisfaction, reducing environmental impact and ensuring the health and safety of people.
  • Promote the dissemination and understanding of our Management Policy within our organization, through training and continuous communication to our employees, through actions that raise awareness and motivate them to work with quality, caring for and respecting the environment and always ensuring Health and Safety.
  • To promote the necessary training to achieve a highly qualified human team.

This Management Policy will serve as a framework for establishing the annual Objectives, included in our Strategic Planning, and for their revision, so that they are aligned with the contextual reality of the company.

This Policy is reviewed annually and is disseminated to the company’s personnel, as well as to all stakeholders


Consolidate ourselves and be recognized within the sector for offering effective, professional solutions with all the guarantees.


We develop and execute a wide spectrum of specialized works and underwater operations, offering the client effective solutions and a highly qualified human and technical team.


Professional ethics
Environmental Protection
Quality and efficiency in our jobs

Sea Sub Services is qualified to perform quality diving operations.

Our commitment is to achieve full satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers. Relying on experience and a continuous study of improvements, we not only perform quality diving operations, but in many occasions, we advise our clients on the best way to do things underwater.

During these years we have been audited by different quality, energy and classification societies and it has been nice to see how all of them certified in writing that Sea Sub Services is qualified to perform quality diving operations.

  • Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000

The “Know how”, the safety of our staff, the care of our clients’ material and sensitivity to the environment make Sea Sub Services one of the best and most serious options in the world of professional diving today.


Reasonable prices, well done jobs, immediate availability and an adequate prevention of diving risks, have made that our customers from different sectors have placed their trust in our company.

We would like to thank all the companies, whether they are shipping companies, construction, shipping or engineering, electrical or water treatment companies, for having counted on us for more than 38 years.

Some of the clients who have placed their trust in our company:

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Autoridad Portuaria de Avilés
Autoridad Portuaria de Bilbao
Autoridad Portuaria de Santander


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